Clinical Assessment

Our child-friendly team have lots of tricks to keep our patients happy and get information from babies as well as even the most shy or active individuals.
We assess:

  • Vision and need for glasses
  • Eye alignment
  • Binocular function
  • Front of the eye
  • Back of the eye

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Diagnostic Assessment

We have a full suite of diagnostic equipment for thorough evaluation of your child’s eyes. This includes the following:

  • We have the cutting edge Heidelberg Spectralis machine for detailed evaluation of the optic nerve head and the retina. Enabling assessment of swollen optic nerves, glaucoma and retinal conditions including inherited retinal disease.
  • Wide-field retinal photography – The ZEISS Clarus wide field fundus photograph is a kid friendly machine to allow us to capture high resolution photographs of the retina to help diagnose and monitor optic nerve and retinal diseases.
  • Humphrey Visual Field Test – The Humphrey visual field test is the gold standard automated machine to check your child’s peripheral vision.
  • Goldmann Visual field – We are among the very few places that can check your child’s peripheral vision using the manual Goldmann visual field test. This test can be done for younger children unable to do the Automated Humphrey visual field test


Whether for myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism or a combination we can accurately assess when glasses are required.

For many children with lazy eye (amblyopia) regular patching may be recommended to improve vision.

Some vision alignment problems can be treated with regular exercises. Our experienced orthoptic staff will guide these interventions.

Many conditions like keratitis, glaucoma, dry eye and uveitis require prescription or over the counter drop treatment. Our specialists will guide your therapy

Our surgeons are experts in planning, and performing the following types of paediatric eye surgery

  • Strabismus / Squint Surgery
  • Cataract Surgery and Intraocular Lens Implantation
  • Glaucoma Surgery 
  • Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction
  • Eyelid and Ocular Surface Surgery 
  • Retinal Laser